Wusthof Pro Elite Stainless Steel 14.5 Inch Fillet Knife Review

When it comes to the knife industry, few companies stand out like Wusthof. Wusthof is a cutlery giant that has stood tall since 1814, manufacturing high-end knives that have found a home in kitchens around the world. The first time I owned a Wusthof knife was 15 years ago, when my German friend gifted me a set for my new home.

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Since then I have been loyal to this company, which only produces knives that have been crafted o perfection. So which Wusthof knife should you have in your home? Which Wusthof knife is the best? There is no simple answer to this question, as each of their models has been designed for a specific purpose.

However, if you want a high-end knife that can carry out a range of cutting needs, then I would definitely advise you to go with the Wusthof Pro Elite Stainless Steel 14.5 Inch Fillet Knife.

This knife was designed to prepare your cuts of meat to the highest standards, so that you can enjoy all of your meals. Below is a comprehensive review of the fillet knife.

Who is it made for?

The Wusthof Pro Elite 14.5-inch knife is versatile in its design, and it can prepare fresh fish and fillet meat with ease. This knife is therefore a great choice for anyone who handles meat, chicken, and poultry.

Features of the Wusthof Pro Elite Stainless Steel 14.5 Inch Fillet Knife

Wusthof  Pro Elite Stainless Steel 14.5 Inch Fillet Knife is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Wusthof is a one of the best in our Knife List.

Blade and Handle Construction

Wusthof Pro Elite Stainless Steel 14.5 Inch Fillet Knife ReviewThe blade and handle are the two most important features of a fillet knife. If either of these features is lacking in quality, your meat preparation is bound to suffer. Thankfully, Wusthof has constructed the 14.5-inch fillet knife with a stainless steel blade and a black handle.

The stainless steel blade is strong and durable, and it has the Wusthof name stamped across it. This reliable blade is then secured to a solid handle, which has the trident logo imprinted near its base.

These two features improve the handling and comfort of the knife.

Forward Bolster

The black handle on the 14.5-inch fillet knife comes with a forward bolster, which allows for optimum balance as you are cutting and sharpening. Furthermore, the knife has a second bolster found at the heel of the knife, which provides extra heft to the knife handle.

Convenient and Comfortable

The 14.5-inch fillet knife comes with a sheath and keychain sharpener. The stylish back sheath has been designed to store your knife when not in use, and to preserve the sharpness of the knife edge. When the blade of the knife starts to dull, you can then use the key chain sharpener to take it back to its original razor sharp state.

The contoured shape of the Wusthof knife is another aspect to admire, as it enhances the balance of the knife so that your cutting can be precise.

This shape also allows for great grip and ergonomic comfort, so that you have no trouble handling or controlling the knife as you prepare your meat.

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  • Comes with sheath and sharpener
  • Comfortable
  • Well designed handle
  • Solid construction
  • Reliable
  • None to be found
 Features at a Glance 
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Stylish storage
  • High quality and reliability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the function of the forward bolster?

A. The Wusthof Pro Elite 14.5-inch fillet knife comes with a forward bolster that is found on the handle. This bolster works to optimize the usage of the blade during the cutting and sharpening process.

Q. Is the knife comfortable to hold?

A. Yes. Wusthof has designed the Pro Elite 14.5-inch with a contoured handle, which will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand as you fillet meat. This contoured handle also ensures that you have a good hold on the knife so that your cut is precise.

Q. Is the Wusthof Pro Elite knife durable?

A. Wusthof has constructed the blade of the knife with aluminum, which is light, strong, and durable. You therefore do not need to worry about the knife breaking or corroding with time.

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Final Verdict

As you can see, the Wusthof Pro Elite Stainless Steel 14.5 Inch Fillet Knife has been designed to cut through your meat with ease and precision. This comfortable and reliable knife should therefore become your best friend in the kitchen.


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