Havalon Baracuta-Edge Folding Fillet Knife with 5-Inch Blades Review

Ten years ago, Havalon Knives stormed into the scene with the Piranta series. What made these skinning knives so popular was their Quik-Change blades, which brought much needed convenience to their owners.

Today this brand has become a staple among hunters, anglers, taxidermists, and trappers.

Over the last few years many Havalon fans have called for bigger and longer knives, and this is where the Baracuta-Edge comes into play.Havalon Baracuta-Edge Folding Fillet Knife with 5-Inch Blades Review

This folding fillet knife gives the public the length that they have been asking for, without the accompanying weight. At only 3oz the Baracuta-Edge is one the lightest knifes in its class. And if the light weight of this knife does not surprise you, then maybe its surgical sharpness will.

The Baracuta-Edge is probably the knife that you have been waiting for, and that is why we will explore it below.

Who is it made for?

The Baracuta-Edge is the perfect choice for anglers and hunters who are looking for a larger knife that has additional punch.

Features of the Havalon Baracuta-Edge Folding Fillet Knife with 5-Inch Blades

Havalon Baracuta-Edge Folding Fillet Knife with 5-Inch Blades is versatile in its design, and it can prepare fresh fish and fillet meat with ease. This knife is therefore a great choice for anyone who handles meat and hunter.

Replaceable blade

The 5-inch blade of the Baracuta-Edge is constructed out of micro-honed Japanese stainless steel. This stainless steel is sharp and strong, and it is exceptionally durable. Now, one of the main complaints of fillet knife owners is the inconvenience associated with sharpening your knife. While it might be simple to sharpen your knife at home, it is not so simple to do so when you are out fishing or hunting. And no one wants to carry whetstones, sharpeners, or heavy skinning knives with them.

That is why Havalon has taken sharpening out of the equation. They do this by providing you with 5 extra stainless steel fillet blades, so that you can easily change out your blade when it is dull. This is very convenient.

Versatile Knife

The Havalon Baracuta-Edge is also one of the most versatile knifes on the market. The knife comes with a razor sharp fillet blade, which you can use to fillet fish and debone wild game. However, it does not stop here. The knife has also been created to accommodate a serrated bone saw blade and a hunter’s blade.

The Baracuta-Edge therefore acts as a 3-in-1 knife, which is incredibly versatile and convenient to use.

Rugged Handle

Havalon Baracuta-Edge Folding Fillet Knife with 5-Inch Handle ReviewThe Havalon Baracuta-Edge comes with a Zytel polymer handle, which is of military grade quality. This black handle is complemented by orange rubber inserts, so that you can have a secure and comfortable grip of your knife at all times. The lightweight and durable handle has been ergonomically shaped, and it can fit well in small and big hands.

There are also ambidextrous thumb studs on the knife, so that left handed and right handed users can comfortably hold the knife.


Lastly, the Havalon Baracuta-Edge is convenient. This folding knife has an open back, which makes it simple to clean the knife. There is also a removable pocket clip which allows you to carry your knife and access it at any time. A nylon holster also makes it easy to store your knife when not in use.

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  • Retains edge well
  • Lightweight
  • Good flex
  • Easy to change blades- no sharpening required
  • Comfortable grip
  • Blade is a little short
 Features at a Glance 
  • Fit any Barracuda Knife
  • Comes in a pack of 5 blades
  • No sharpening, just replace your dull blade

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Havalon Baracuta-Edge come with spare blades and a sheath?

A. Yes. The Havalon Baracuta comes with 5 spare blades, so that you do not have to sharpen your blades each time they dull. Additionally, it has a sheath where you can safely store your knife when it is not in use.

Q. Do the fillet blades fit in the Havalon Piranta knife?

A. No, the Baracuta-Edge has a bigger blade slot than the Piranta, and therefore the fillet blades for the Baracuta-Edge will not fit the Piranta.

Q. What is the locking mechanism of the knife?

A. The Havalon Baracuta-Edge has a liner lock mechanism, which securely locks your knife when it is folded.

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Final Verdict

The Havalon Baracuta-Edge is definitely a folding fillet knife that is convenient and versatile to use. Though its blade is slightly short, its performance is still remarkable and admirable. So if you are a hunter or angler looking for a bigger knife, this should serve you well.


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