F. Dick – 5″ Ergogrip Curved Boning Knife Review

Nearly 237 years ago, Friedr. Dick was founded in a city in Southern Germany. This family owned business was founded with the mission to create high quality knifes, that could stand out among a sea of poorly made German knifes. This mission is what drives F. Dick today, and it is therefore small wonder that most people will pick an entry level F. Dick model over their high priced competitors.

F. Dick - 5" Ergogrip Curved Boning Knife Review

With this in mind, I set out to find the perfect boning knife for me and my kitchen needs. I didn’t have any specifications in mind, as all I wanted was assurance of quality. That is when I came across the 5-inch Ergogrip curved boning knife, which has been specifically designed and constructed to perform at optimum levels.

This high quality piece of cutlery is now one on my favorite knives, and below I will show you why that is.

Who is it made for?

The best selling curved boning knife has been made for butchers, meat cutters, and food service personnel. The knife can also be used at home, for daily food preparation.

Features of the F. Dick – 5″ Ergogrip Curved Boning Knife

Dick – 5″ Ergogrip Curved Boning Knife is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put F. Dick Ergogrip 5″ is a one of the best in our Knife List.

Blade Construction

The blade of your boning knife should be sharp enough to slice through bone, and flexible enough to cut around cartilage. That is why F. Dick has constructed the Ergogrip curved boning knife with a 5-inch stainless steel blade. This high carbon stainless steel blade is hard, tough, sharp, and stiff, however, it also has some flex so that you can have improved control of the knife.

The blade has also been polished to perfection, and will retain edge for a long time. The durable blade will also adjust to your cutting technique, allowing you to cut and remove bone, fat, and cartilage with precision. This blade construction is therefore exceptionally impressive.

Handle Design

F. Dick - 5" Ergogrip Curved Boning Knife ReviewAnother important aspect of a curved boning knife is the handle. In the case of the 5-inch F. Dick you have a low profile handle, which has been constructed using nylon polymers. This material is resistant to abrasion, heat, chemicals, and wear, ensuring that you will be using the handle for a long time to come.

Furthermore, the handle has a unique grip, which ensures that you have full control of the knife as you go about your boning. However, the most impressive feature of the handle is the way it has been securely fastened to the blade. This secure fastening eliminates all gaps, so that no liquid and food residues remain on the knife.

Expertly Crafted

F. Dick has crafted the 5-inch boning knife with serious butchers in mind. It is for this reason that the curved boning knife is composed of several high end design features, which increase the dependability and comfort of the knife.

This hand sharpened knife is perfectly balanced, so that you benefit from great handling as you prepare meat


The 5-inch boning knife is also highly versatile, with the ability to work with pork, deer, goats, sheep, and fish, among other meats. This versatility makes the boning knife perfect for people who work with a range of meats.

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  • Sharp
  • Versatile
  • Solid construction
  • Well designed handle
  • Easy to handle
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • None to be found
 Features at a Glance 
  • It’s Curved Blade
  • Comfortable
  • Nylon polymers handle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the F. Dick 5-inch boning knife hygienic?

A. Yes. F. Dick has designed the handle of the knife with high-quality plastic, and this handle is then securely attached to the blade. What this means is that meat and blood will not get stuck between the handle and blade, ensuring that all residue is completely removed when you wash the knife.

In this way there is no transfer of residue or germs.

Q.  Is the blade of the 5-inch boning knife flexible?

A. The 5-inch F. Dick blade is stiff; however, there is slight flex so that you can maneuver the blade when filleting your meat.

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Final Verdict

If you are searching for a boning knife that will cater to a range of boning needs, then you should carefully consider the F. Dick 5-inch. This curved knife is sharp and versatile, and it will give you the control needed when working with meat.


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